Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 13.

Day 13: A guilty pleasure.
And why should I share this with you all? o.O Just kidding... Hm. I have a few, and it kind of depends on who I'm talking to whether or not it seems guilty. Well, one is that I've gotten kinda addicted to Glee. To some this would be a capital sin, to others an induction into a club of awesomeness. What can I's often almost painfully cheesy, the morals aren't the greatest, and while sometimes the singing and dancing is pure awesomeness, there are also times it misses the mark...but it's so addicting. I'm not really a fan exactly, but I like watching it. Another is rap and hip hop music. I can't help it...I like it! Again, this is something that would seem normal to some and shocking to I guess my guilty pleasures are sort of relative. If the words are totally nasty I don't listen to it, but often I can't understand what they're saying anyway. :P I have found that a little bit goes a long way, though. Other than that...nah.

* * *

I'm auditioning for Footloose tomorrow! And of course I have a cold...right on cue. Well, at least it's not a sinus infection like I had when I auditioned for POTO! I'm singing "I Dreamed a Dream", and unfortunately I have to do a monologue... *headdesk* I hate those...I'm not really sure why though. Oh'll be fine!

Dance tonight wasn't the greatest ever, thanks to my cold making me feel like my brain was wrapped in gauze and my legs had lead weights tied to them. And then...Intelligent Ivy Moment of the Day. Even though I'd been feeling weak and out of it during all of my classes, I came home and tried to do fouette turns in our rather small living room...that ended with me in a heap on the floor. haha At least stitches weren't involved this time!

Oh, I've found two new favorite artists - Adele and Owl City! I absolutely love Adele's Rolling in the Deep, and even though I still honestly can't stand Vanilla Twilight, I've always loved Fireflies and I've found that I like a lot more of his music, especially Rainbow Veins and Hello Seattle. I'm happy, because I've always loved the name Owl City. :D

Yesterday my sister and I walked over the theater downtown to watch the dance competition. Some of our friends from our studio competed, and they all looked amazing! I was proud to be from that studio. :) Then we walked around downtown because it was such an incredibly warm, sunny, beautiful day, and ran into a Phantom person (meaning, a person we know from POTO ;) ). It was an awesome foretaste-of-summer day.

However, all good things must come to an end, and our sudden summer weather ended in a tornado, as I mentioned yesterday. It actually didn't hit my town (we didn't even get any rain! :D ), but a town north of us that my best friend lives in was hit pretty bad, and the house of a couple from our church had the roof ripped off. Please keep them all in your prayers!

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Haylee said...

ok hello twin! My favorite artists are Adele and Owl City too! I seriously have listened to the Owl City CD for 7 months straight, I'm not joking you. Both they and Adele are amazing.
That's so awesome you were in Phantom! It's awesome that you act in general actually, that's something I'm horrible at so I always admire people who can do it. :)