Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 17.

Day 17: An art piece.

Hmmm. I've always liked art, even though at the moment I'm only mediocre at drawing. That could change someday...I just don't really feel like putting in the effort right now. But anyways. I have tons of favorite artists...I've always especially liked the Impressionists. However, this is a painting by someone with a very different style, which I've also always loved.

"Nighthawks", by Edward Hopper

This has been one of my favorite paintings since I saw it for the first time when I was...7? 8? I just love his stark realism and use of light. Often we'll be driving in the early morning and I'll see light hitting a brick building, casting sharp shadows, and think, "That looks like an Edward Hopper painting."

* * * was the day! I am now sans all four wisdom teeth, my last baby tooth, and have an odd assortment of rubber bands and chains attaching my impacted tooth to my braces in the hopes that one day (about six months all together, so we hope) it will pop from the roof of my mouth to the place it should be. My face is now square-shaped instead of heart-shaped, and I don't exactly look like myself. Plus, I'm having this agonizing craving for PIZZA. Not more pudding and Yo-J...gah...

My appointment this morning was for 9:45, so I slept in until about 9:15 am. Less time to get nervous! Thankfully my mom saw me starting to take a drink of water right before we left the house and was able to stop me, so my agony didn't have to be postponed (you can't eat or drink anything at all for six hours before the operation). We arrived, I drummed my fingers on the arms of the waiting room chair and obsessively slumped down and sat up again in nervousness for the five minutes we had to wait, and then I was ushered into the torture chamber... *cough* I mean the operating room. The part that really made me most nervous was the thought of the IV...I have this horrific fear of needles (actually, I've been getting it under control lately...getting stitches helped me overcome it!) that stems from my first experience with them. I was eight years old, I got blood drawn, and they hit a nerve. PAIN.

Anyway...back to the present. The nurse, of course, reassured me that it really wasn't that bad, and I, of course, was not convinced. She stuck heart monitors on me and I was entertained for a while by watching my heart rate go up and usually stayed in the 80s, but if I was perfectly still it went down to 64 and if I moved around a lot it started pushing 100. When the time for the IV to be inserted, it went up to 106. haha So I closed my eyes, extended my arm, she tied a tourniquet around it, I started squirming in discomfort, she told me to just relax because the needle would go in much more easily, and then she suddenly remembered the skin-numbing spray she'd told me about earlier and sprayed so much on my arm that it ran down the sides. Then she stuck in the needle.

"Does it hurt?"

"Um...yes!" In lieu of going stiff as a board and gritting my teeth, I was writhing around and groaning. I've also started to actually be honest when the doctors ask me questions. :P "It hurts! It stings! Ahhhh!" I started giggling hysterically...that's my usual odd nervous reaction.

"Oh, it's okay. Ha, I laugh when I'm nervous too!" This, naturally, made me laugh even harder. She pulled out the needle, making me contract into a ball with another hollow groan, and the oral surgeon, who was walking by and glanced in the room right then, do a double take.

After about five or ten more minutes, the oral surgeon came into the room, loudly exclaiming, "So, are you ready? DUN DUN DUN." My mom informed him that was not the atmosphere we were going for. ;) Then we said our farewells, the surgeon patted me on the head and said they'd take good care of me, two more nurses entered the room, and one of them stuck this plastic thing with prongs into my nose without any preamble. I inhaled the cold air, thought it felt like laughing gas and therefore instantly wanted to start hyperventilating, but forced myself to stay calm.

"How are you doing?" she asked.

"Oh, fine...just what is this thing in my nose?"

"That's just oxygen."

"Mmmm...I see." I closed my eyes, settled back in the chair, she jammed a huge piece of plastic in my mouth to prop open my jaws, and next thing I knew I was opening my eyes, hearing Cee-Lo sing, "And I thought, forget you...OOH OOH OOOOOH!", and the first nurse say, "Okay, you're all done!"

I blearily sat up, and then my mom came in. My memory is a bit foggy, but I remember the nurse replacing the gauze between my jaws and handing me my teeth in a little paper cup contained in a plastic bag that said "Biohazard". After that she handed me some paper and a pen to write on, since I couldn't talk, and I asked and answered some questions for a while. The operation took about an hour and a half...longer than expected...the surgeon said my teeth did not want to leave me. Then the nurse tied ice packs around my face and I sat up.

"Just wait a second...I'll get the wheelchair."

"Wheelchair? What the heck?" I started to stand up. Oh.

So they wheeled me out the car, my mouth started hurting worse and worse, and eventually I started crying and felt absolutely, utterly miserable and in pain for about half an hour. Only being able to communicate by paper didn't help any. Oh, and neither did the fact that it was about 1:30 pm and I hadn't eaten or drank anything all day! But then I got situated at home, ate and drank, and then had an absolutely wonderful iced coffee my wonderful mother had bought for me, and my good spirits were restored. I was also cheered by the fact that the space where the incisor on the right side of my mouth should be didn't look quite as horrible as I'd expected, and it will be gone in a few months!

So there, my friends, is a pretty much blow-by-blow account of my oral surgery. Wellllll, maybe not exactly...I wasn't awake for that part. ;) I'm happy it's gone so well so far, and hopefully the pain and swelling will go down and I'll be able to go to work on Friday!

* * *

And wow, I feel dumb. I totally forgot to wish you all a very happy and blessed Easter! Even though I had to work from 9 to 5, my Easter was wonderful, and the Easter Vigil Mass the previous night was absolutely gorgeous.


O happy fault, that merited for us so great a Redeemer!


Autumn said...

Ouch. You poor dear. Thank goodness my wisdom teeth are/have grown in fine.

Mirfain said...

Owwwwww. :'( That sounds horrible. I'm glad I will never have wisdom teeth...

Trina Bina said...

Oooouuuch... I am so NOT looking forward to getting my wisdom teeth pulled.
Glad it's all going fine for you, though... hope the pain stays away!