Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 8.

Day 8: A photo of something you ate today.

Um...why??? That's so boring... But if "they" insist...

Behold, some of today's sustenance. We had to sing for a funeral at church and stayed for the lunch, and they served ham!

* * *

I've had this black bag for my dance stuff for a while now. While I really like it (I especially appreciate all the compartments!), the plain blackness of it just begged for a little teeny bit of sprucing up.

I also have had an owl iron-on decoration thingy hanging around for years which I bought because I LOVE OWLS. And that was the perfect place for it to find a home!

Hopefully the zipper pull will hold up, because I really love how it turned out! The original pull has actually been missing since sometime in January (I only got around to replacing it now...), and I just hope that this one doesn't fall off or fall apart. It was pretty fun to make, although I was holding my breath almost the entire time. I always find making things like that to be rather stressful, which probably explains why I almost never do it. A little British flag charm has been floating around my house and purses for months ever since it fell off my messenger bag, and of course now that I have a place to put it, it's nowhere to be found. I really hope it turns up soon, because it would add the finishing touch!

I just really hope it doesn't start shedding rhinestones...that would make me very sad.


And I just had to share this awesomely bizarre little statue with you all. I don't even know where I found it, but itsn't adorable and whimiscal and just a little creepy?


Julia said...

Your bag is awesome- I love owls! :) And yes, I agree with you that that statue is a wee bit creepy, yet cute at the same time!


Adela said...

Ivy, I love reading your posts. lol.

And yes, that statue is quite whimsical though somewhat creepy. Makes me think of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. :D

I like your bag!! Owls are awesome.

Ivy said...

I'm glad you all like the statue! ;)

And Ann, thanks so much...I love knowing people love reading my blog! :D

Indeed... owls = <3

Haylee said...

Oh and I forgot to ask, what were you in Phantom? I seriously think it's so cool you were in it.