Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 10.

Day 10: A picture of you taken more than 10 years ago.
This is me at the age of 5 (about 12 years ago), at one of THE coolest parks EVER. I loved it! As perhaps you can see, there are all these awesome hidey-holes and crawlspaces and hidden spots (like those tires), and even a rocket ship - that white thing in the background. I think the only reason I'm not smiling is that I'm trying to do the cool and sophisticated look (yeah...not sure if that's happening, considering my clothes ;) ), or else I just didn't want my picture taken at the moment. Knowing me, either one is about equally possible. haha


C.A. Donnelly said...

That park looks strangely like Planet Playground, which I inhabited as a young boy.

Julia said...

I loved parks like that when I was little! This picture is so cute. :)