Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 15.

Day 15: Something you've always wanted to do.
There are so, so, SO many things that I could mention for this, but I just randomly pick something and say: dance a solo at the recital. I was going to this year but ran out of time because of being in POTO (which was of course totally worth it!), but I really, really want to next year. The song I was planning to do is Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush, and next year, if my finances allow me to do two, I'd love to do that and Jump by Madonna. Jump is sort of the theme song of my sister and me, plus, if you listen to the words, isn't it the absolute perfect song for a senior solo? I think doing a solo would be such a wonderful experience...just that sensation of being the only one on the stage, and feeling one with the music.

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