Sunday, June 5, 2011


I am now a legal adult! Apparently I can now do all of the following:

1. Vote
2. Buy lottery tickets
3. Get a tattoo without parental consent
4. Get piercings without parental consent
5. Go to a casino
6. Sit in a bar (but no what's the point of that?)
7. Take the driver's test without taking driver's ed
8. Buy tabacco
9. Go to a dance club
10. Fill out all the paperwork at the doctors' office
11. Smoke
12. Adopt a child
13. Get arrested

So basically, when you turn 18 you have full permission to be bad as you want, but you DO run the risk of being arrested for it.

Just kidding. ;)

However, there are a few I'm definitely planning on doing in the near future! Only good ones...naturally... 0:)

It was a wonderful birthday weekend. For starters, I got to see one of my favorite animals up close and personal!

Isn't it cuuute?

Look at its "ears" :D It was a windy day!

Then tthis morning I was happy because (among other things, of course!) I was able to wear my new dress. ;) Goodwill cost $5!

I look dumb in that picture ^^ It was too early in the morning for photography! ;)

But this one turned out pretty well.

My dad and I took a bike ride all over town that afternoon. It was so much fun! We crossed two bridges, got food at the ice cream stand, and I started working on my tan. Because I just get sooo dark in the summer...right. haha

Now I wish we'd taken some pictures!

I still can't get over the around a hundred messages people wrote on my Facebook wall :) I feel very, very loved! Thank you so, soooo much, very much made my day!


Mirfain said...

Sounds like you had a great eighteenth birthday! The owl is so cute :)

Adela said...


I love your list of things you can do when you're 18. lol It was rather amusing. Your dress is lovely, btw!!!

♫ Kathleen ♫ said...

Happy Belated Birthday Blanche!!!!

Ivy said...

Thank you SO much, girls! :)

Ann, most of that list actually came off the message a very good friend of mine wrote on my wall for my was amazing XD And thank you! I was thrilled to find a dress that required absolutely no altering!