Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 5.

Day 5: A favorite quote.

Okay, I really have about ten zillion million favorite quotes, but for the purposes of this post I'll go with one that has a been a top favorite of mine for a long time.

"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future." - Galadriel, The Fellowship of the Ring

Some people like to make fun of me about this (let's just say that I'm a bit lacking in the height department...), but that is NOT the reason it's one of my favorite quotes. I like it so much because I really believe that it's true...when you think about the way everything you do is going to have an impact right until the end of the world, it's absolutely amazing. And that is the way the world is changed - by the things that all the ordinary people do, and if they do enough of them they become extraordinary and so does the world. That is an incredibly inspiring thought.

* * *

Lately I've been re-exploring my love of classical music. That was about all we listened to when I was growing up, so for a while I was sick of it and took a break, but in the past few years I've been rediscovering it and realizing that so much of it is so interesting and beautiful. I'll really never understand why so many people dismiss all classical music as being "boring". Sure, some songs can be pretty mind-numbingly dull, but the same goes for some songs from every genre. I got these boxed sets of CDs of classical music from the library a couple of weeks ago (actually...they're overdue...) and I've been enjoying them a lot, especially the ballet music CD. Yes, I am one of those geeks who will be at ballet class and hear a song and go, "Oh, that's "Masks" from Romeo and Juliet! I love that song!" But Prokofiev's score for Romeo and Juliet is so beautiful...I love the first few seconds of the Introduction, and the Dance of the Knights.

I'm also one of those odd people who loves classical music and also enjoys rap now and again. Really, country is the only kind of music I cannot stand (and I actually do like a lot of Lady Antebellum's music).

To sum it up...

I <3 music!

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