Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 2.

And did I rise and meet the challenge of posting every day? Of course not. ;) But, whatever. It'll get done when it gets done! So, here is...

Day 2: A favorite movie.

Oh man...I could go crazy with this, too, and make up ten zillion genres and fill them all with at least two or three movies. But I won't. I'll also pick something other than Lord of the Rings, because I think that everyone knows those are my absolute favorite movies! It will never cease to amaze me that I can watch them absolutely any amount of times and I love them as much as ever. But wait...I WASN'T going to talk about LOTR. ;) However, I will talk about my second favorite movie, which has the added benefit of not being very well-known! And that would be...

I'm not even completely sure what it is about this movie that I love so much. I love the's so inspiring and not quite like any other sports movie. I love the general air of British-ness. I love the characters. I love the music (the theme is one of the best things ever, and I've also fallen in love with "Jerusalem", England's unofficial national anthem that plays at the is EPIC. And listen carefully to the second verse - the name of the movie was taken from a line of the song!). I love the cinematography. I love to run. So I guess I came up with a ton of things I love about it, but there's still something undefinable that makes it amazing and puts it right up there under LOTR in my favorite movies.

"Now there are just two of us...who can close our eyes and remember those few young men with hope in our hearts and wings on our heels." Lord Andrew Lindsay, Chariots of Fire

"I believe that God made me for a purpose, but He also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure." Eric Liddell, Chariots of Fire

* * *

I cannot wait for summer! I went out to dinner with some friends last night and had a great time making tons of grand plans with one of them for the summer. This summer is going to be absolutely AMAZING. I almost always make big plans for the summer, but I really think that this year they'll be carried out. I can't wait! Today wasn't so great, however...all day I felt extremely dizzy, like I'd just done about ten zillion double pique turns all around a room. Then I started feeling nauseated, it got worse when I laid down, and wasn't too encouraged when my mom looked up "dizziness and nausea" on the internet and informed me that they are symptoms for heart problems, kidney problems, brain tumors, anemia, and basically nothing less serious than food poisoning. Lovely. However, these dizziness issues happened last year too and as far as I know nothing is seriously wrong, so hopefully it's still just mild anemia or something and will just go away! I'm feeling a bit better now, however.

I really need a haircut. I HATE MY HAIR!!! Well, I do at the moment, at least. Erm. Anyways! Just had to throw that out there!

My dad designed the logo for this year's dance recital and it is SWEET. I'll most definitely post a picture of the t-shirt after I get it! And speaking of dance, I don't think that dance studios should have spring break. Actually, I don't think they should have a summer break either (well, maybe for like two weeks...)! We're on spring break right now and I miss it!!! Right now I'd usually be in modern... *sigh* At least we'll be going Thursday afternoon to work on the duet my sister and I are doing for the recital! We're reprising Spanish from our Christmas show, but this time on pointe!

Oh...and I'm SO excited! I now have 60 followers! :D That's amazing! Thank you so much, Polka Dot! Plus, I now have an even number of followers, which also makes me happy. haha But don't let that discourage you from following! ;)


Adela said...

As you know, Ivy, I love Chariots of Fire!!!!! It is SUCH a wonderful movie!!!!! One of the best. Haha, it's nice knowing other people love it too. ;) Lord Lindsay is so awesome btw (*comment upon noticing his quote.*).

I need a haircut too. :P

Ivy said...

I knowww, I love finding fellow Chariots of Fire fans! :D And I agree, he definitely is...actually, I love almost everyone in that movie.