Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 3.

Day 3: A favorite book.

This is one of my absolute favorite books, and unfortunately it's also the only good book Philip Pullman ever wrote, IMO. The other two books in the trilogy are just junk and I've heard so many bad things about "His Dark Materials" that I don't plan to read them. But this...this book is amazing!

I loved the story, really enjoyed the writing style, found the characters likeable and believable, and the fact that a book is set in England will almost always endear it to me. So if you like books that are exciting, interesting, fast-paced, and have a certain British/steampunk-y flavor to them, I think you would like it!

I will never forgive him for ruining everyone in the subsequent books, however...

* * *

I had two cups of full-strength coffee this morning. I CANNOT HOLD MY CAFFEINE. Drinking an excess (well, for me two cups is an excess...) of coffee always has an interesting effect...my hands shake uncontrollably, I dance instead of walking even more than I usually do, I get lightheaded (so now I can't tell if I'm still having dizziness issues like yesterday!), and I find almost everything humorous in some way or another.

Do any of you frequent Target? I love that store! One of my favorite things in it is the accessory section. :D That is always the very first place my mom, sister, and I stop when we go there. Target has the most AMAZING bags, hats, and scarves. *dies* I actually splurged when we were there on Sunday and bought an awesome white linen fedora for summer.

But one of the best things at Target is the low-cut socks. Oh my goodness...I am completely addicted to buying them. They're only $1, and every single time I go there they have a ton of new patterns! The latest pair I bought are black with yellow, green, pink, coral, purple, and turquoise stripes.

Tres belle? Oui!

Right now I'm very happy...I'm finally able to actually write music! I've been writing song lyrics for years, but a melody always evaded me. Well, that has ended, at long last! I wrote a song about a week ago that had a melody basically already attached to it, I'm working on another one, and there's a third that I've been working on since last fall. I might record one of them sometime...now the only thing left to do is become good at the piano so I can add an accompaniment!


C.A. Donnelly said...

I like the hat. It suits you.

The socks, on the other hand... how in the WORLD do people stand low cut socks?

Ivy said...

Thank you! :)

But hey, do not diss my socks...I LOVE THEM! *manaical look creeps into eye*

Adela said...

Target is great. ^.^ It's so easy to find fun things there. lol. And I like your socks. ^.^ tehe