Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Wives and Daughters", and fathers too

We watched Wives and Daughters (BBC, 1999) this past weekend. That is SUCH a good movie! It's also a wonderful book. And I must admit, it has just about eclipsed Pride and Prejudice in my affections.

So...what were some of my favorite things about it? Well, one thing I loved was how real it all seemed. I could really relate to Molly, particularly at this time in my life. When it begins, she's barely 17 (like me), and things are definitely changing even though she may not notice it. I could also relate to her personality, particularly her mix of reserve and openess, tendency to care very deeply about people even though they didn't know it, and inability to conceal her emotions (my mom remarked, "She reminds me of you, Ivy!", as Molly glowered at Mr. Preston at the ball. heheheh).

The romance between Molly and Roger also seemed very real - it was such a natural thing for it to grow out of their brotherly-and-sisterly friendship. Even though Roger was in love with Cynthia for a time, he was, as he put it, in love with a "hypothetical Cynthia". He was always honorable during the entire affair, and afterward thought how silly he had been to not see all along that Molly was the one for him.

I actually think that Roger Hamley is now my favorite hero from classical literature...sorry Mr. Darcey and Mr. Thornton! The two latter gentlemen are charming and very likable, that's for sure, but when you come right down to it it's very unlikely that one would meet one of them in real life. And even if you did, you might not like them as much in real life as in stories - at least I don't think I would! Roger, on the other hand, is pleasant, sensible, and very sweet and caring right from the start. He shows himself to be first and foremost a true and devoted friend to Molly, and that's what I really like about him. He's the sort of guy I hope to marry someday! And he actually seems real. He's not drop-dead gorgeous (*cough*Mr. Thornton*cough*), he doesn't always do everything right (such as falling in love with someone as flighty as Cynthia), he can sometimes be awfully stupid/blind, but he does always try to the right thing. All in all, he is awesome. :)

The acting was excellent in my opinion, particularly Squire Hamley. I really liked his character, flawed though it was in some regards. I was very fond of Osborne too, even though at first he can seem unlikable (well, I liked him from the start because I knew his secret since I'd read the book, but my mom and sister weren't so sure). The part where he dies is so sad, and so well done. You can truly feel the Squire's pain.

Cynthia is aggravating yet likable, and you can't help but be glad that her twisted affair with the suitably attractive but sinister Mr. Preston turns out well. She's just one of those incredibly shallow people, who, even more incredibly, is pretty content to be that way. Her mother on the other hand...agh! I just wanted to slap her. :P

Lady Harriet was one of my favorite supporting characters, both in the movie and in the book. She's so feisty and goodhearted, and I love the part where she saves Molly's reputation. That is definitely using your power in a good way!

Well, that was certainly not a very good review, per say...they've never been my strong point. It was more just a random conglomeration of all the reasons I now LOVE Wives and Daughters! :)

And now, happy Father's Day to all the fathers of my readers and any fathers who may be reading this! May God bless you and St. Joseph guide you!

I'm really happy that our church records every Sunday's sermon and puts it online, because today's was particularly good! Click here to listen to it. It's about marriage and the role of the father and mother, and it really cleared up a lot of confusion I'd been having. I advise you to listen to it if you have time!


R. A. said...

Aww, be nice to Mr. Thornton! He's actually not considered all that handsome in the book, if I remember correctly. And not everyone agrees on movie Thornton's level of gorgeousness. I liked him from the beginning, but my friends wouldn't consider him even cute until the end.

Anonymous said...

I too, LOVE the movie "Wives and Daughters", and I am looking forward to reading the book! I think it was a wonderful review! Molly, Roger, Squire Hamley, and Mrs. Hamley are my favorites! But Cynthia, Mr. Preston, and 'Hyacinth'/Clare acted so well too! The movie all in all is just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, Wives & Daughters! I definitely love that movie-I adore the adorable Squire Hamley, I love Cynthia (despite her annoyingness!) and I love Osborne and Molly. Roger, I'm not so sure about. :P He doesn't have to make any sacrifices or really DO anything to win Molly. :-/ I used to LOVE him, but now I'm not so sure... It's still an awesome miniseries. :)