Sunday, June 27, 2010

One of those days...

It's one of those of those days when you just feel sort of out of it...and depressed...and like doing something interesting...but there's nothing to do. :P I think I'm feeling people deprived - I wasn't able to talk to any of my friends after Mass today! So I will try and cheer myself up by writing a long, random, rambly post. ;)

I think I have finally figured out what my temperament (for more on the temperaments, here's an article I wrote on them) is! At various times in my life, I've thought I was choleric, melancholic, or sanguine (but never phlegmatic). I now think I'm melancholic-choleric, because of my mix of introversion and extroversion, and, well, I think I have a lot of traits from both temperaments. *sighs contentedly* For some reason it's so nice to know these things! I also found out that my Myers-Briggs personality is INFP (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceptive), and the descriptions I've read sound very much like me.

* * *

I read (actually re-read) a very good book yesterday - The Borrowed House, by Hilda van Stockum. The first time I read it, I was about the age of the main character - 12 - and, like her, many things just went over my head. But with this reading, I was able to really appreciate what a wonderful book it is. It's set during WWII, but from an angle that is seldom heard from - 12-year-old Janna is a member of Hitler's Youth, and believes fervently everything they indoctrinate her in. After she is sent to live with her actor parents in Amsterdam, however, things begin to change. She sees more clearly what the Nazis are doing, and the foundations of her world begin to tilt. I sort of fell in love with this book...I remember loving it when I was 12, too, but I think I love it even more now. It truly paints a vivid picture of what things were like during WWII, and brought tears to my eyes by the second chapter. And **SPOILER** I just know that Janna and Sef will find one another when the war is over! I wish there was a sequel. :) **END SPOILER** Hilda van Stockum is such a talented writer and portrays her characters so sympathetically and well that you feel their pain and suffering as though you were suffering it yourself. Much as I love this book, I find books about WWII to be so happened not so very long ago, and it could happen again. God grant that it won't.

* * *

I just experienced a really cool weather phenomenon! It started raining about 15 minutes ago, but before long I saw the sun shining through the window. It was still raining, however, and it looked so beautiful that I just had to go outside. As I stood in the sunlight in the front yard, raining pouring on my head, I could see the sky was blue on one side of the house and full of gray clouds on the other. As the clouds moved over my head the rain lightened up and eventually stopped, but when I ran over to the sidewalk it was still raining! It was so strange, but really cool.

* * *
And with that, I shall leave you. Today wasn't the greatest, but I know it won't stay like this. Ohhh! I forgot to mention - we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the other night, and I must admit I loved it! :) It's so crazy...and weird...and hilarious ("Even I am edible, but that is called cannibalism. And cannibalism, my dear children, is something that is frowned upon in most decent societies.")...and Johnny Depp is my favorite actor, I've decided. My family has also been having far too much fun watching the Marx Brothers lately...our favorites so far are A Night at the Opera and Room Service. :D


rebel_of_nowhere said...

Have you ever tried the Enneagream personality test? Reading through the options gives you some insights into yourself; sometimes it's hard to describe traits you know you have, but they do it very well, especially because everyone's a mix of each possibility. The MAPP test was also amazingly accurate.

The World Wars is one of my favorite periods to read about, both in spite of and because of the awful things that happened then. It showed how capable people are of doing terrible things, but also their capacity for hope and resiliency when they have to face what most people can't even imagine.

I seem to have written a very long and rambly comment as well...but I hope your day improves :)

Bo said...

I can totally relate to you when it comes to having "bleh" days. I get those a lot. What helps me get through them is saying to myself, "The sun will rise tomorrow, and who knows what the tide could bring." It makes the mood positive lol I hope your week is blessed and fun!


Lady Desdemona said...

AHHHH!!! Blanchey, Borrowed House is my FAVORITE!! I love it sooo much, I've always wanted to play Janna in a play version of it. :)

*hugs* You're in my prayers, dear.

Lady Blanche Rose said...

rebel -- No, I haven't...I should look into it! I find personalities and psychology and people in general so fascinating! And what you said about the World Wars is spot on...that's why I love reading about them too, horrific though they were.

Bo -- Yep, that's exactly it! :) And thank you!

Addie -- I knoooow, I love it too! And would make an incredible play, and Janna would be an amazing part! :D And thank you:)