Monday, June 7, 2010

Week of Style, Day 7, and Birthday # Diez y Siete

I didn't have much time this past weekend to get on the computer, so here is Saturday's outfit! That's the last of the Week of Style...I hope you didn't get too bored by it! ;) Oh...and this is a terrible picture of me...but I love this outfit! I really like all black with one colored accent.
Shirt: a lady at church gave it to me, and she got it from Goodwill. Tank top: part of an outfit from Younker's. Sweater: from Goodwill. Skirt: from some store in the mall, can't remember the name. It was about 75% off, and it is the COOLEST skirt ever! You can't see too well in the picture, but there are two layers of tulle over the underskirt, and the middle layer has sequins! It's quite pretty.
I turned 17 on Saturday, and it was such an absolutely wonderful birthday! Thank you to all of my friends who emailed me, wrote on my Facebook wall, messaged me on the forum, and wished me happy birthday in person, and especially thank you to Kathryn, who wrote such a lovely, sweet post about me on her blog! I feel very loved, and I know I love all of you!!! :)

I also got two wonderful gifts from my parents.

My claddaugh ring!
And...*drumroll*...a LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! My preciousssssss! :D I'm so happy, because now I'll be able to write whenever and wherever I want!
And I loooovvvveee the desktop background...isn't it gorgeous???

Okay, I'm going now...time to go drive the car for my third time! :D


Katherine Sophia said...

Whoops! I'm late, but Happy Birthday! That is such a pretty ring, and your laptop is very cool. The background *is* gorgeous. :D

Anonymous said...

Well, we meet again, Madam. Do you recall me? Surely the picture, if you recall about three years ago must! I know we had a bit of a disagreement let's say, but I'll hope you'll forgive any offense on my part. If you're not sure who I am, I am the canidate was at St. Mary's Sept-Dec of 2007.

In any case, I realised I have been following your blog for a while without realising it was you. When I saw the picture of you I was like, "Is that...?" And of course it was. Well, I just wanted to comment that I really like your post here. I've always maintained that modesty can be done beautifully. What an offense it is for women, trad women, meaning well, to dress modestly, but to dress without style. They seem to think one has to dress drably, like a Puritan. It makes modesty rather odious, and is Protestant. Catholics enjoy beauty, because the good is beautiful. "Beauty is truth an truth is beauty," as the Poet says! Good style in modesty means good use of colour and fabric I think, which you display, and I just want to tell you to keep it up. We need more of this. Too many trads go about like Puritians, thus making modesty appear ugly to the world. Beautiful clothes, and hard to believe you got them on Goodwill. I guess I have too much pride to shop there, but glad you don't. But ladies can do such more with clothing, while we men cannot.


Brandon Wainscott

PS...Perhaps we can even make peace on that disagreement we had.

Jessica said...

I love this outfit! The skirt sounds awesome...
Happy belated birthday :)

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a completely AWESOME birthday, Blanche! :D LAPTOP?!?! :D YAY!!

And I'm loving your style posts, too! You're inspiring me to check out more thrift stores-I've definitely been frequenting thrift stores more often-Plato's Closet is a good store as well...

Lady Blanche Rose said...

Thanks so much, Katherine, Jessica, and Addie! :D

Brandon, I'll get back to you in a comment on your blog...

Anonymous said...

Lady Blanche, I am not the editor and thus not in charge of approving comments for our blog. The editor showed me the post but decided not to approve it because it though it too personal (a disagreement) and not related to the post. But thank you for your response. And keep up the blogging. I'll start following it more closely.

I had been meaning to write an article on modesty and good taste some time ago, but it got put on the back burner. Maybe after a post on the duties of a husband as monarch of the home to serve the welfare of his wife, and not merely his own interest because he has authority over her, I'll do something on that. More proof I am called to marriage methinks, and not the priesthood. I'm too fond of a beautiful and virtuous woman.

Jessica said...

A very Happy belated BIRTHDAY!!!! Looks like you had a BEAUTIFUL day.