Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Week of Style, Day 4

Shirt: from Aeropostale, via Nice as New. Sweatshirt: from Goodwill (I really like it because it has three-quarter length sleeves!). Skirt: from Goodwill. It used to be my mom's, but she got tired of it and gave it to me. It's super long...almost drags on the ground...but it's so comfortable! I actually cleaned a house in it today! I always get compliments on it, too.

Thought for the day! ;)

I was just looking through the little notebook I keep in my notebook to record random things (stuff for stories, phone numbers/email addresses, awesome things people say, good songs on the radio), and came across this paragraph. Fr. F. said it in a sermon (I think...) once.

"Happiness is a choice we must make that is within everyone's grasp. Complaining just doubles the problems. Strive to be a person who says in the face of adversity, "It doesn't matter. I'll find some good to come out of it," and always remain joyful. A person like this is a beacon to society, because no one is drawn to someone who always complains."

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