Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wow...I'm actually dressing up for All Saint's Day this year! :O I dressed up two years ago, and thought, "never, nevermore, oh never!", but this year I got a strong craving to dress up! I have a lovely colonial-style dress that one of my best friends made about 5 years ago. After she left for the convent this fall, she gave it to me. I'm wearing a piece of sheer dark blue cloth over it as a cloak, and a crown on my head, as I'm portraying St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

So yeah...I thought, what the heck, and who cares if I'm the oldest! Dressing up in a pretty floor-length dress will make it worth it. ;) Plus, I get my food free at the Holy Name Society pancake breakfast for being in costume! I'll hopefully post pictures on Sunday!

I hope we'll all be well enough by then, though! I had a sinus infection most of last week, and I'm still coughing and have a croaky voice, but my sister might have swine flu! She has a fever of 102 and is coughing a lot and really tired. Could you say a prayer that it's not too severe and that we don't all catch it? Thanks so much!

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