Monday, November 9, 2009


Today my sister and I were doing lots of reminiscing about the summer intensive *insert dreamy smile*. I realized that a lot of really cool things of various natures happened that I haven't mentioned yet (see my other post here). I'm just going to write them down as I think of them.
There were so many things that happened that made us feel like we were in a dance flick! When we were sitting outside the theater waiting for our parents to get us after one of the dress rehearsals, it felt like we were in a movie, the way we were surrounded by nicely-dressed dancers, all talking and laughing and texting their friends! And the really cool part was that we were part of that group!

Another funny, movie-like thing that happened was at the performance, when my sister and I went out into the lobby to go and watch the second half (the dance we were in started the performance, so after the first half our level went into the theater and watched the second half). We were waiting around outside, looking at the things for sale from the ballet school, when I noticed the two guys working the drinks counter watching us.

Guy 1: Oooh!
Guy 2: I like the makeup!

We of course had heavy stage makeup on. It was so funny!

Oh, the picture above is me with my hair done for the performance! I kept the flower.
Sitting in the dark theater, watching the beautiful dances of Tech 4 and 5 with the other lower-level students, is something I will never forget. After the last performance, I overheard another girl say to one of her friends, "Oh man, I cried during the entire thing - it was so beautiful! When I see a dance like that, I wish that all the people who think I'm weird to be so into ballet could see it. That's why I do it!"

This is awesome, I thought. It was such a nice feeling to be surrounded by people who share this same passion. The beauty of the last two dances had moved my sister and myself to tears as well, and it was wonderful to think that the other students were feeling its beauty just as we were!

I very much wish that you could see the recording of the dances, or that I could post pictures, but the pictures all have the name of the school on them in a watermark and for safety reasons I'd rather not say where we were. However, I am thrilled to have found all the music for the Tech 5 dance! I LOVE this music. I've never heard anything quite like it, and the choreography fit it perfectly! Below, I present for your listening pleasure three selections from the album Steppe by Rene Aubry!

Sagitaire (this song opened the dance)
Magda (this tango section was my favorite part - I love the music and the dancing that accompanied it!)
Steppe (the last part of the favorite music! Go to 1:25 - that's where it started in the dance.)

So beautiful.
We had to leave pretty early every morning, and I didn't always have time to make my bed before we left. One day I went into the bedroom after returning to the hotel, and I saw my rosary carefully arranged on the blanket.

"I didn't do that," said Mum. "The lady who came to clean did!"

I thought that was pretty cool, and the cleaning lady probably did too - I'm sure she doesn't often find a rosary in someone's bed.
The second night we were there, we went swimming (as we did almost every night). We decided to walk around the whole atrium in the 5th floor hallway. Since this would be really confusing to try and explain, I posted a picture of the hotel! I love that hotel so's beautiful, the workers are all very friendly, there's always gorgeous piano music playing, they offer a complimentary cooked breakfast every morning, and it has glass elevators! In fact, that picture was taken when I was in the glass elevator.

So we were standing in the 5th floor hallway, overlooking the breakfast area (the tables you can sort of see at the top of the page). The only sounds to be heard were the peaceful piano music and the water fountain, and since it was a Monday night, no one was around. No one, that is, except one hotel worker, sweeping around the tables. The scene was like something out of a movie - the peaceful piano music and the aerial view of a man sweeping the floor between the symmetrically placed tables. I wished I had a video camera!
I'm probably going to think of other things and need to add another post, but here's a few pictures!

Me in first arabesque. (I'm not sure how to get rid of the underline...?)

My sister doing the splits.

My class in our awesome pointe shoe picture! My feet are right in the middle on the lower edge.
I miss the intensive - I can't wait for the auditions in January! :)

Also, just a side note: I'm now thinking that, after high school, I will try out for the secondary company of the ballet company whose intensive I attended (man, that was confusing! lol). I think I'd always regret it if I never tried to have a career in ballet, and there's NO way I'd be ready to give it up in just 2 or 3 years!


Anonymous said...

The last picture looks really cool Blanche Rose :)

Lady Blanche Rose said...

Thanks, Kathleen! :D Our teacher let us all sit around after our last pointe class and take pictures of our feet...we had lots of fun!

The Reluctant Dragon said...

Neat! My sister and I named our summer the Summer of the Dragonfly.

You sound like you had a grand time

Lady Blanche Rose said...

That is cool! :D

Yes, I had wonderful time...I can't wait for this summer! :)