Sunday, October 11, 2009

The dinner, and other random things.

The fund raising dinner at church was last night, and it was very enjoyable! Neither the prep work nor the actual dinner quite so "fun" as they used to be, but I still had a good time! It seems like that's how it's been going as I get older, though...things that used to be so wonderful and magical and fun have lost that quality. It's that I don't enjoy them anymore, it's just that it's not that all-consuming enjoyment. I guess it's just a part of growing up...rather unfortunate, but unavoidable. You seem to become less attuned to your surroundings, in a way - or maybe more so. I can't really tell. Well, anyways...back to the dinner.

I think that part of the reason I didn't have as much "fun", per say, was that I actually did a lot of work this time. *rolls eyes* heehee All the previous dinners there had been a surplus of helpers and I usually got sent out of the kitchen, ending up just hanging out with my friends most of the time, but this time there were only 5 people so I did quite a bit! That was fine with me...I don't like feeling like a slacker! And now I have a burn, a stab, a slice, and a blister to prove my non-slacker status. :D

One humorous conversation between the seminarian at our church who was in charge of the dinner and me:

S. (noting my hands that were stained orange from cutting up carrots): Orange hands are happy hands!

Me: Pft, when they have blisters they're not!

S: Oh, they still are.

Me: Well, I suppose they like the color.

S: They do. It's a very productive color.

We worked all afternoon for three days, and by the end of the last day I was exhausted! That was partly just because of 5 hours of ballet that morning, and my incredibly painful feet (I'll post a picture of the unlovely things pointe shoes can do to your feet when I get one. ;)).

My sister and I served the punch before the dinner started. I always enjoy doing that! It gives me something to do other than stand around, and I get to talk to lots of people. When the food was ready to be served we went and sat with in our places by some friends of ours. There was also a young couple with two young children sitting next to me...I'd seen them around a lot, but never talked to them, and we had an enjoyable conversation!

The food was soup, pork, rice with roasted red peppers and corn, green beans, salad, and pound cake and ice cream. It was all pretty good, especially the rice!

I was sitting with one of my friends and we were talking a lot about all sorts of things - weird dreams, movies, books, etc. I'd never really talked to her in person terribly much, but we'd been talking over Facebook lately and I know we have several things in common, such as loving Regina Doman's books! :D It was a lot of fun!

The dinner didn't get over until quarter to 10, much to my surprise! In addition to the food, there was a drawing for 7 beautiful Brazilian agates (our priest is from Brazil), and the drawing of the raffle tickets (for which Father played the bugle!).
A Brazilian agate - beautiful!

It was a nice surprise that the guys ended up doing the dishes after the dinner! They almost always disappear and the girls and adults are left doing them (and there usually aren't enough of them), but the kitchen was chock-a-block full, so I was like, "Hey, I won't even try to go in there!" We got home around 11 pm.

Oh, and on a completely different subject, while messing around at ballet class I found out I can do this!

I'd seen pictures of people doing that and always thought "How on EARTH?", but I guess I can do it. :)

Here are some pictures I put together - you can use them for whatever, just give credit where credit is due! Thanks!

And finally, here is a slideshow I made of Sunday Mass at our church from the beginning to the Gradual. I'm working on Part 2.

Coming soon: what do Casablanca, Jane Eyre, and a parable in the Bible have in common? You'll find out.


Alison said...

I think excitement diminishes as we get older because there's so much more to do and so many more responsibilities. I'm naturally jumpy/nervous/excitable, but lately I don't feel it because of all my school work, extracurriculars, exam prep, etc.

Eh, if anything less excitability = being more in the moment, and thus, increased utility.

Marilla Manwathiel Eruheran said...

That is really cool how you can get your leg al of the way up like tha Blanche Rose :)

Love ya.


Lady Blanche Rose said...

Thanks, Kathleen! :D