Monday, April 12, 2010

"I'm here, I'm here! I've come back, I'm all right!"

I apologize very, very profusely for having not posted in weeks! :( I miss blogging! I'm not sure what made my life suddenly have no computer time left in it, but since computer time also equals writing time, I'm really going to try to come up with more of it.

Since I need to get to bed right now, I'll just finally post this tag, the Friendship Tag, which Jessica tagged me in!

Choose any amount of friends real or blog and say at least two things or more that you admire or like about them. Tag and make sure you link to them.

Lady Rose
I met Rose on the Fairy Tale Novel Forum (where she is my mom in the forum family!). She's so sweet, funny, upbeat, not afraid to share and stand up for her beliefs, and is incredibly creative!

Kathryn has been going to my church for quite a while now (I actually have no idea how long, or if you came before or after us! :P). We only started talking much this past year, and she is very, very funny with quite a way with words, a loyal friend, and has a heart full of love for all creatures great and small.

Elena is the administrator of the FTN Forum. She's such a wonderful young woman who is a talented writer, a gifted leader, and has a keen sense of humor and a great love for God.

Jessica started following my blog a few months ago, and I've enjoyed getting to know her! She has a blog full of beautiful thoughts, and leaves very thoughtful, interesting, much-appreciated comments!

Addie is yet another FTN Forum-er, and I always love it when she posts, because what she has to say is always interesting, often very much the same as my opinions, and frequently very funny! Many times she has said something that was exactly what I needed to hear right then.


Ella is also from the FTN Forum (it has some wonderful people!), and she is one of the most cheerful, upbeat, happy people I have ever met! She spreads sunlight everywhere and has a good word for everyone.

Oh, and if you can identify the quote in this post's title, for you! ;)


Rose Marchen said...

Awww, thanks!

Why, 'tis Lucy from "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe!"

Katherine Sophia said...

Good for me! I can identify the quote! :) Welcome back... and I love your penguins, btw. :D

Autumn said...

The Quote is from "The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe." When Lucy comes back from having tea with Mr. Tumnas. So glad you're back.

Katherine Sophia said...

And I awarded you:

Lady Blanche Rose said...

Awww, thanks so much everyone! :D And good for all of you. ;)

And I'm glad you like the penguins, Katherine Sophia, and thanks SO much for the award!

Jessica said...

Awe thanks for mentioning me. It is so good to see you back in the blogisphere.
Unfortunately I couldn't identify the quote you used...but now I know where it comes from. :)

Lady Blanche Rose said...

You're quite welcome, Jessica, and thanks so much! :) It's so nice to know that people enjoy my blog.