Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yearly Recap

Here it is, the start of the second week of 2011, and I still haven't done my traditional yearly re-cap post. It's time to commence and test my memory! (Or perhaps just look at last year's posts ;))

January: The main highlights were attending the Moscow Festival ballet's production of "Coppelia" and reading my essay at the pro-life rally. The latter was...interesting...because I had to stand on a tub from the kitchen to be tall enough next to the podium. o.O It was rather funny because the speaker noticed and commented on it in the beginning of his talk as one of the things that had made his day. I just about died of embarrasment, of course!

February: Lots of ballet, watching the Olympics, and thinking romantical, fantastical, sometimes nonsensical thoughts. Goodness, I've changed so much since then...

March: This month's highlight was most definitely our ballet of "Peter and the Wolf" and "The Ugly Duckling"! I danced the part of the Turkey, the Cat (my first solo role!), and a swan in UD, and was a Hunter in P&W. Being a hunter...oh, good times! That's got to be the most fun I ever had getting into a role!

April: I think that Holy Week was, as usual, the highlight of the month. The Tridentine Rite Holy Week services are so incredibly beautiful. The rest of the month, if I remember correctly, was mainly spent reading and doing schoolwork.

May: The Holy Hill bus trip! I love bus trips, I love visiting shrines, and I love May weather, so I always look forward to our church's annual pilgrimage to Holy Hill. May was an interesting month...I really did a lot of growing up, but it was the kind of growing up that's actually enjoyable.

June: I turned 17. I spent several days helping to clean the entire church in preparation for the Prior General's visit, and amazingly had a very good time and didn't go crazy! Cleaning is really not as bad as it's cracked up to be, though. I also played the Doctor in our performance of Hans Christian Andersen's story "The World's Most Beautiful Rose", and was reminded once again how much I love storytelling in any form.

July: I finally got a job! One of my friends was able to recommend me at the country club he works at, and I got a job bussing tables in the restaurant. So I began working my first real job from 4 to around 10 or 10:30 pm every Friday night. Oh, and that was also the month I found my first white hair!

August: The first week of August was spent at girls' camp. I was a leader for the first time, and, well, let's just say it was a good learning experience. I think I'll be much better prepared for this year, though! And towards the end of the month I reached another turning point in my maturity - fear ceased to be my ruling passion and I returned to my original, much more confident personality.

September: Wow, I didn't post at ALL that month. The main thing I remember is that we took lots and lots of dance (several hours every was really fun before I got completely burned out ;)), and my grandpa and uncle visited for a weekend.

October: October was an exciting month! I found out that a theater group in town was doing Phantom of the Opera, I discovered my love for murder mysteries, and...I visited Christendom College!!! That was my first airplane trip that I remember, my longest trip away from home, and the first time I'd traveled by myself...and ohmygoodness, it was wonderful! I had such a good time and started very much looking forward to returning for an extended stay in August '11. :) Thankfully that actually translated to a renewed interest in my schoolwork, too!

November: I signed up for the ACT and began to feverishly (well, for the most part...) study for it, and rode on a Christendom high for most of the month. ;)

December: Snow...cold...Phantom of the Opera ... ...CHRISTMAS!!! I also experienced the disappointment of getting my ACT postponed, but as it turns out that was probably a good thing. I felt much more prepared when I actually took it.

So, that's what 2010 was for me! The main word I would use to describe it is "growth". I grew and changed so much that year. I have a feeling that this year's word is going to be "change", but, even though it scares me at odd moments, I am very much looking forward to it.

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cb said...

Way to go, girl! I'm so proud of you! Your ever-loving Mum.