Thursday, January 27, 2011


So I know that several of you have asked me to keep you updated on how Phantom of the Opera is going. In a word (well, phrase), it's going absolutely wonderfully! I can't believe we only have two weeks left of rehearsal before the performances - it's gone so quickly. This week we started doing full run-throughs every evening, late next week we'll begin rehearsing with the orchestra (in which one of my good friends is playing the flute!), and the week after launches us into 14 days of rehearsals and performances every day! We will have nine performances all togther - three matinees, six public performances, and three of those days will have two performances. It's going to be exhausting, but I can't wait!

I know that some of you were hoping for photos, but unfortunately I cannot acquiesce to your requests. :( It's actually for a good reason, though...we have a lot of costumes rented from a couple of professional theaters (who usually only rent to professional companies!) and their costumes are copyrighted, and there's also the fact that the rights to POTO were released very recently, the show is still being performed on Broadway, and there's just too many chances to get sued if a lot of pictures from our production got out. Sorry. :(

Being in this show has been such an amazing experience. Towards the beginning I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the rehearsals and everything, but now I really look forward to rehearsals (which is good, considering we have them every night for about a month ;)). And the talent is this show is incredible. Seriously, some of these people have it in them to go FAR! It's awesome to have the chance to work with them and observe and learn and marvel at the fact that we're all high school students. :D I think I've really improved a lot as well in singing, dancing, and acting. My voice has strengthened a ton and my range is better (I can hit the high Gs and Bs in Masquerade pretty easily now!), dancing on pointe every day can't help but improve you, and I think/hope I've learned to act better.

Watching the show come together and seeing everyone get more and more into character is SO much fun. I also have more of an appreciation for all the work that goes into the set and props and costumes...those people work so hard! And our set looks amazing. :D They covered the entire facade, painted it gold, and added box seats. The gondola is battery-operated (I want one! It's so cool!), and apparently it really will look like Christine is walking through a mirror. The set designer is also a professional illusionist, so that helps!

Once again, I am reminded of how much I love the theater and performing. I've had a profound post in mind to write about it, but now of course I can't remember it. :P I've said a lot of it already, but be prepared...there is one coming soon. ;)

And now I shall leave you with one of the most epic pieces of music from POTO: The Overture! Thank goodness I haven't gotten tired of the music yet...I'm beginning to think that it's physically impossible.

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