Tuesday, September 22, 2009

La musique

I posted this on the FTN Forum, and I thought I'd share it here too! Maybe you'll find another artist whose music you enjoy!

*Coldplay (my favorite band...I love their latest CD, but I really like their old style too. Current Alternative)
*Loreena McKennit (AH. She is AMAZING! I remember thinking when I first listened to The Book of Secrets, "Her voice matches and melds with her music so perfectly." It's amazing that she writes all her own music, and reading the notes in the booklet is fascinating. I love all her CDs, and my favorite song is "The Mummer's Dance". Current Celtic/World)
*Rob Thomas (I really like a lot of his songs...some of them have a bit of language, but they're mostly good. I really like his love songs, especially "Ever the Same" and "All That I Am". Current Rock/Pop)
*Simon and Garfunkel (We have the CD The Best of Simon and Garfunkel, and I love every single song on it! 1950's through 1980's Folk/Alternative)
*Phil Collins (I gotta say, I love 80's music, and he has a great voice. 1980's Pop)
*Kate Bush (Amazing singer!!! Now, not everyone would like her...her style is a bit odd, but if you like odd you will love her. My favorite song by her is "Wuthering Heights" - the new version - "Running Up That Hill", "Breathing", "And Dream of Sheep", and "In Search of Peter Pan" are good too. I like most of her songs. 1970's through 1990's...not sure how to classify her!)
*Rihanna (Pretty much every song by her that comes out on the radio I love, and I also love her style in clothes! Current Pop/HipHop/RnB)
*Black-Eyed Peas (They have some TERRIBLE songs, but I really like a lot of the ones they release as singles! I like "I Got a Feelin'". Current HipHop/Rap)
*Laura Nyro (More people should know about her! I like "And When I Die" and "Upstairs By a Chinese Lamp". 1970's through 1990's Folk/RnB)
*The Beatles (Pretty much everyone likes the Beatles.)
*Hayley Westenra (She has such a beautiful voice, I love it! My favorite CD by her is Pure. Current Classical Pop/Modern)
*Sarah Brightman (I don't always like her voice...it can get kind of squeaky... but she was brilliant in Phantom of the Opera and I love her CD Eden. 1980's through present Classical Pop/Broadway)
*Taylor Swift (Mmm, I don't like her as much as I used to not - I'm not at all a fan of country music - but I love "Love Story"! The music video is awesome too, I love the P&P look! Current Country)
*Chicago (I listened to them at the house of some good friends when I was 10, and I've liked them ever since. 1980's-90's Rock)
*Josh Groban (Need I say a word? ;))
*Regina Spektor (I started listening to her after hearing "The Call" at the end of Prince Caspian, and I really enjoy her unique voice, inventive lyrics, and beautiful piano playing. Current...not sure how to classify her either.)
*Imogen Heap (I started listening to her after hearing "Can't Take It In" at the end of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe - I'm eager to see what great artist will do music at the end of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! I love her beautiful voice and all the really cool instruments she uses - one of my favorite songs is "Headlock". Some of the songs do have objectionable lyrics, but a lot of them are so poetic you can't really tell what she's saying. haha Current Alternative/Techno)
*Camera Obscura (A Scottish band my sister discovered...they have a really neat sound...sort of vintage, in a way. I like "Lloyd I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken" and "Let's Get Out of This Country". Current Alternative)
*Alicia Keys (She has a beautiful voice and beautiful songs. A lot of people I know think she's sort of boring, but I like her a lot. Current RnB)
*The Killers (They certainly have a strange name and some of their songs have not-so-great lyrics, but they also have some good ones. I really enjoy their sound and the lead singer's voice. I like their song"Romeo and Juliet". Current Rock)
*Linkin Park (Some songs have language, but they have so many that I like, especially "Shadow of the Day", "In the End", "New Divide", etc. Current Alternative)
*Red Hot Chili Peppers (I like their sound, and the song "Dani California". Current Rock)
*ABBA (Of Mamma Mia fame. My mum thinks their music is cheesy, but my sister, my dad, and I love it! I have this guilty fondness for disco music. haha 1980's Pop/Disco)
*The Cranberries (A band from Ireland...I haven't listened to them much but I like what I heard! 1980's-90's Alternative)
*Jukebox the Ghost (I love this band, especially the song "A Good Day"! They have a really cool sound with a lot of piano and a lead singer who can sing reallyreallyfast! Current Alternative)
*Feist (I've listened to her CD Live and Let Die - some of the lyrics are objectionable, but a lot of the songs are really nice. My favorite songs by her are "Mushaboom" and 1234". Current Alternative)
*Keane (I've only listened to their CD Hopes and Fears, but i hope to listen to the others soon. They seem to change their style a bit with each CD - I like the style of Hopes and Fears a lot, it's very dream-like. My favorite songs from it are "Sunshine" and "Somewhere Only We Know". Another band, though, with lyrics so poetic I can't understand them! haha Current Alternative)
*Clannad (I've just started listening to them...can't understand how I missed them before! I love their Celtic-meets-80's sound. They're naturally good, being Enya's family! 1980's-90's Celtic)
*Billy Joel (I've only heard his music from the musical Movin' Out, but I really like it! I need to listen to one of his actual CDs. 1970's-80's Rock)
*The Fray (They have a beautiful sound and I really like the lead singers voice. Their songs are mostly very good and interesting. I really like "You Found Me" and "Cablecar". Current Alternative)

I also like a lot of musicals, especially Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Fiddler On The Roof, Cats, Peter Pan, Movin' Out, The King and I. I also like the soundtracks of movies such as LOTR, Narnia, King Arthur, North and South, Chariots Of Fire, Master and Commander, Ever After, and Pride and Prejudice.

Classical music is something else I enjoy...my favorite composers are Debussy, Faure, and Tchaikovsky. I really like Debussy's "Le Mer" and "Burgamusque Suite" (I really want to learn it on piano!). A good CD of choral music is Choral Moods, performed by the choir of Trinity College. The only problem I have with it is how they sing Gregorian chant incorrectly. Other than that, it's beautiful!


Bracie said...


You are one of the FEW people I've met who love nearly all the same music I do.

Regina (I'd classify her as alternative) has a reeeeally good song called "Fidelity." One of my favorites.

And FEIST... oh! You know about feist!

Have you heard 'So Sorry,' by her?? It's stunning.


And if you like Celtic/Hayley, you should listen to Meav. I recently did a post on her @ The Locket, my blog...

And I'd already started writing one on Feist! Now, with your inspiration, I'll have to scuttle off and do that...

Lady Blanche Rose said...

Oh, that is so cool that we both like the same music! :D I love "Fidelity" too!

I haven't heard 'So Sorry' - I will definitely have to look it up!

I've heard one song by Maev - it's the theme from "Rob Roy" and it's on the CD "Celtic Twilight 5" (really good CD!). I need to find some more of her music.