Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Making Christmas...

...making Christmas, making Christmas!

That, in case you don't know, is a line from one of the most insanely hilarious songs from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, and that is what we have been up to lately! Behold some photographic evidence of our work!

Ratty trying to be helper kitty (and epicly failing, poor thing)

My beautiful green bird!

Some ornaments my mom made...I like to call them the Five Freaky Friends

One of my very favorite ornaments!

Another favorite...I've had it since I was 5 years old. We used to have a nightlight with that picture, too, but sadly it broke a few years ago. :(

My very first ornament, made by my dad 17 Christmases ago.

The mice looking at Cinderella's coach

And there's the entire tree!

You know, Blogger seriously needs to re-do their photo uploading tool, because all of the pictures end up at the top of the page and it's extremely time-consuming to move them where I want them. Not to mention that now I can't cut and paste in my blogger posts...anyone know how to fix that?

So stay tuned for Part Two!

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