Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy birthday, Kathryn!

Today Kathryn, one of my closest friends, turns 14. I can't believe she's still so young... :) So, in honor of her birthday, I'm writing her the classic chessy birthday post. :D

It's so funny to think that at this time last year Kathryn and I barely knew one another! I'm so happy that we're friends now, though. She always has a willing ear to listen all my rants, is full of good advice or the ability to just listen (which is sometimes the best thing of all), and is a very trustworthy and faithful friend.

She's also one of the (if not the) very sweetest people I know! I'm always so impressed by her caring nature, her ability to get along with almost everyone, and her patience in situations I'd be tempted to run from screaming. ;)

She's also a wonderful writer, extremely talented with graphic arts, and has an awesome sense of humor (sometimes a rather twisted one...but that's why we get along so well ;)).

And she's beautiful, inside and out!

Happy birthday, Kathryn! I love you! :)


Cuilpantiel said...

Yay Kath!!!

Love the post, Blanche!


Kathryn said...

Awwwwwwwwww... Ivyyyyy!
You made me cry! And I burst out laughing about the twisted sense of humor, too... ;)
Thank you so, so, SO much! You made yesterday so memorable!
I love you!!! :)

*Shadowflower* said...

I agree with the Alice in Wonderland review! I ADORE that movie!!!!!!