Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another step back in time...

I've been meaning to post these early samples of my writing for quite a while now.

"What If..." Written May 23, 1998, when I was almost 5.
What if all the countries all of the towns were just a bridge away?
What if everything was in my neighborhood?
What if everything was perfect?
What if everyone would do everything we wanted them to?
What if we stayed in the same town?
What if we lived everywhere and did everything that we wanted to?
But it's just not possible.
The End.

"What if the Country" Written the same day.
What if we lived in the country but we'd rather live in town.
I go around my neighborhood finding things I wouldn't find in the country.
Like old newspapers and old bubble blowers and old pencils that are not very useful.
But the countries are clean.
Nothing like that that's in town is in the country.
But what if everywhere was very sad and pitiful like this.
It had garbage everywhere.
But it's just not true.
The End.

I had sort of an obsession with wanting to live in the country when I wrote the second one, as perhaps you can tell!

This one was inspired by our nature table.

"Christmas at the Oak Tree" Written December 2, 1997, when I was 4 years old.
The tree hears the call of Santa Claus, the crunching feet of Santa Claus, and the angel plays on the guitar a lullaby to me.
And I can hear the angels singing to the lullaby.
Santa Claus is opening up the gate and I can feel the cold and warm and it mixes together making hot.
A big giant candle stands behind the boat before me.
Presents are being dropped down by the angels above the earth in heaven.
I can hear footsteps crunching - Santa Claus is leaving me a present!
In the little pool there is some mermaids also singing from the lullaby.
Shhhh! I can hear the fishes calling help from the ice!
My friend, the giant rock, also got a present, too.
The End.

That part about the fish is sort of creepy... o.O haha Oh, and the picture is of me from about that time.


Jessica said...

Ah cute. Early compositions are always fun to read. I used like making up poetry...or least something that I thought was poetry. If it rhymed it wasn't very good and if it didn't it was short choppy sentences that expressed, not very much.
Thank you for sharing! Have a beautiful day Lady Blanche


Lady Ann said...

Those were great! I really liked reading them. :)
~Truelady ;)