Sunday, June 28, 2009


This is a poem I wrote about 3 years ago.

Life is a journey,
Life is a quest.
Life is striving for
Whatever is best.

Life is a journey,
A journey through night.
A journey to find
That which is bright.

A journey that wearies us,
Wearies the mind,
Wearies the soul
In its relentless grind.

But there are candles
Along the way.
Places that remind us
There is a day.

The day is our dream.
The day is our quest.
The day is where we journey to,
Seeking the best.

The journey is hard.
The journey is long.
But sometimes we hear
Strains of a song.

We think it’s straight from heaven,
And then we realize
It’s right beside us,
Or before our eyes.

From Heaven it comes,
But on earth it dwells.
Within each heart,
A bit of it swells.

The desire to journey,
The desire for a quest.
The desire to strive for
Whatever is best.

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